DeKalb County VFW Agricultural Fair

The DeKalb County Post 3128 V.F.W., made up of overseas veterans from all of DeKalb County is proud to sponsor this 61st  Annual Agricultural Fair. We, the V.F.W., appreciate the fine cooperation we have received in the past from the county Extension Service Staff, Agricultural Teachers, Home Economic Teachers, other Agricultural workers, DeKalb County businessmen, City of Fort Payne, Board of Education, and numerous other groups and individuals that have helped to make our previous fairs a success.          We earnestly solicit this type of cooperation this year.

The V.F.W. is a non-profit organization and a member of the Association of Alabama Fairs.

DeKalb County VFW Post Officers Fair

Fair Chairman:  Charles Stephens

Fair Secretary/Treasury:  Terry Camp

Post Commander:  Roy Barkley
Senior Vice Commander:  Dana Grider
Junior Vice Commander: David Conrad

ADJ. Quartermaster: Terry Camp
Judge Advocate: David Cochran

1-Year Trustee:  Kennith Wigley

2-Year Trustee:  David Cochran

3-Year Trustee: Dale Fischer

2016 VFW Fair Committee Fair

Chairman:   Charles Stephens, 256-997-6968 (cell), 256-845-9745 (office)

        e-mail:  or  

General Committee:  Charles Stephens, Terry Camp, David Cochran, Eugene Rose and Leo Nadolny

Secretary and Treasurer:  Terry Camp

Gate: Terry Camp and Charles Stephens

Security and Parking:  Terry Camp, Leo Nadolny,  Jackie Killian

Utilities and Booth Construction: Larry Walker

Fire Protection: Richard Roden and Tommy Evans

Commercial Exhibit: Charles Stephens, 256-997-6968 (cell), 256-845-9745 (office)

         e-mail: or  

Registration:  Linda Stephens, 256-997-5583 (cell), 256-638-4000 (home), 256-845-9745 (office), or


Art and Photography:  Wydean Walker

Scouts:  Bill Mitchell

Elementary Schools: Charles Stephens, 256-997-6968 (cell), 256-845-9745 (office) e-mail:

Catalogue: Linda and Charles Stephens, 256-997-6968 (cell), 256-845-9745 (office)

         email: ‚Äč 

Beef Cattle Show: Alan Scott

 Exhibitor Coordinators: Dale Fischer, 256-997-6969 and Roy Barkley, 256-997-1456

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